Gro4 Organic Worm Castings - 20L

Gro4 Organic Worm Castings - 20L

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About this item

  • Enjoy bigger blooms, higher yields, and stronger roots with Gro4 Premium Organic Screened Worm Castings. This all natural product is odorless, rich in humus and organic material and great for all gardens, including flower beds, vegetable gardens, lawns, potted plants, trees, shrubs, container gardens, and more.
  • Worm castings promote strong plant growth, improved root structure, while providing essential plant nutrients, increasing soil moisture retention and beneficial microorganisms. It is pH neutral and is safe to use indoors and outdoors on annuals, prerennials, seedlings, cacti and succulents.
  • It is excellent as a soil amendment and can significantly cut back on your fertilizer inputs. It will not wash with watering or heavy rain. It is non toxic, safe for kids and pets.
  • Worm castings can also be used to create a compost tea that can be applied as a foliar spray or directly onto the soil
  • Go green, go organic, and grow with premium worm castings that will improve your gardening results.

Directions for use Lawn:

Worm castings can be spread across the lawn with the same frequency and intervals as any chemical-based fertilizer. Mixing the castings with compost, topsoil, or another aggregate will help to ensure even distribution and benefit to the entire lawn if you do not have enough to spread alone. Just make sure that when spreading with compost or topsoil that you do not completely cover the grass. It should be worked into the lawn so that the grass still receives sunlight.

Top dressing your lawn with worm castings is a simple process that can add valuable nutrients and microorganisms to the turf and soil. The worm castings offer a slow-release of moisture and minerals that will not burn the lawn.
Evenly distribute as a top dress at a rate of 10lbs per 100sq ft in early spring and early fall.(One bag covers just over 200sqft).

 Apply in spring, early summer and again in early fall.

 Soil organisms play an incredibly important role in soil structure. In a healthy soil ecosystem, soil organisms work together to transform and maximize available nutrients to be used as food for plants. 
Gro4 earthworm castings help sustain an active and balanced soil structure. Gro4 Earthworm Castings are an approved input for organic agriculture.