Vortex 4”x16” Carbon Filter

Vortex 4”x16” Carbon Filter

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Discover the Vortex Pro-Lite Filter 4" x 16" 235 CFM Carbon Filter

A breath of fresh air !

Carbon filters with built-in 64flange and an antibacterial pre-filter included. It comes with an Aluminum top and bottom to reduce weight and increase ease of installation. 51% perforated open area for maximum airflow. 1.8" bed depth of pure virgin activated Australian lightweight granular carbon. Large selection of sizes to meet all your air filtration needs.

Package includes
1x Vortex Pro-Lite Filter 4" x 16" Carbon Filter 

All Vortex PRO-lite products come with a PREfilter included.
All Vortex PRO-lite have a Max Operating Temperature of 175ºF

Model 4 x 16
Recommended Maximum CFM 235
Flange 4"
Outside Diameter 7.5"
Height 16 in 40.5 cm
Weight 8.2 lbs
Carbon Bed Width 1.8" (46mm)
Recommended Fan VTX400, VBC400
Pressure Drop at Max CFM 125pa/.0.5"wg