Nanolux 6 Bar Full Spectrum LEDzx, 630W, 120V-277V

Nanolux 6 Bar Full Spectrum LEDzx, 630W, 120V-277V

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Nanolux LEDzx Series Lights 630W


• 120V-277V wide voltage design. 
• The classic fold-able design can facilitate transportation and save the shipping and storage costs.
• The modular patent design of the LED fixture structure can facilitate installation.
• Digital control buttons with novel design can be applicable for smart digital dimming control as required for various plants at the dimming range of 105W, 210W, 315W, 420W, 525W and 630W.
• Random start, soft start and soft dimming are applicable for the LED fixture along with over-temperature, over-voltage, open/short circuit
protection, making it safer for users.
• Smart digital control is input with LED bar protection function. When one or several bars fail, the life of other bars and the power supply will not be affected.
• IP65 design can ensure waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof.
• 0-10V dimming function is applied to be compatible with our NCCS control system, making it more flexible in use. 
*120V -2M power cord included.