Advanced Nutrients Sensi Cal MAG Xtra - 500mL

Advanced Nutrients Sensi Cal MAG Xtra - 500mL

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What Does Cal-mag Actually Do?

 In the case of cal-mag supplements, calcium and magnesium are obviously the most important elements in the bottle. But do you know what calcium and magnesium actually do for your plant? How they operate? Do you know which ingredients help optimize the functioning of calcium and magnesium?


Many growers take this sort of information for granted. But plant science is rather complex, and a deeper understanding of these issues is critical to grow competitively. Magnesium is fundamental to chlorophyll, and is directly related to the process of absorbing light. Calcium is a basic building block of cells and growth. A deficiency of either means the most important growth reactions in your plant are stunted.

Provide to your plants a sufficient amount of calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese, boron, cobalt and copper.
It also contains 20 additional microelements and amino acids.

  • Phase: growth, flowering
  • For growing in: soil, cocos, hydroponics
  • Dosage: 2ml/L
  • Shake well before use
  • Suitable for use in: soil, coco and hydro
  • Hydro: 2ml/1L of water to correct deficiencies (repeat after 1 week, if necessary)
  • Foliar spray: 2ml/1L of water (repeat after 1 week, if necessary)
  • As Part Of A Regular Feeding Program: 2ml/1L of water (repeat after 1 week, if necessary)

500 mL