Beamsville, Ontario

 4 Plant Kits


We carry a huge selection of products from a select set of manufacturers and suppliers. At Hometown Hdroponics we strive to stock only the most effective indoor garden solutions.

Plant problems can be solved with the expert advice and professional hydroponics products in our retail store. Insecticides, amendments, testers, and more.

  •  Nutrients

    We carry a large selection of nutrients for growing your marijuana and other plants to their fullest potential

  •  Lighting

    HPS, MH, CMH, T5HO, LED and more options to choose from for lighting an indoor garden in your home

  •  Growing Media

    Choose from Promix, and other plant mediums – or get clones started in one of many starting media, like Rockwool

  •  Marijuana Seeds

    Good strains are difficult to find, and so we carry a select variety of marijuana seeds from proven breeders

  •  Test Kits

    Tune your grow with the right information that only testing can provide – get test kits here

  •  Expert Advice

    Feeling stuck? We can help! We’re expert growers and can get you pointed in the right direction with your grow


Hometown Hydroponics offers shoppers a professional’s selection of indoor gardening supplies and advice. We have the best prices in the Niagara region and always stock a huge variety of lighting equipment, hydroponics grow supplies, fertilizers, mediums, measurement equipment, and more.

The staff at Hometown Hydroponics in Beamsville, Ontario are very knowledgeable and welcoming – we invite you to visit our retail store in farm country to get answers to garden growing questions. We can help even the newest inexperienced indoor gardener acquire a green thumb and grow indoors successfully.

We aren’t tied to any specific house brand, or product line – and so can offer the honest advice that will lead you to garden success.

  • Expert Staff

    We have our own gardens – we get to test our products first hand – so we know what works, and what doesn’t!


  • Huge Selection

    The variety of gardening products we carry is always growing. Whatever your style of gardening, we can help you grow.


    • Private Location

      Our grow shop is located in the farm country of Beamsville, Ontario. Far from busy roads and downtown cores.

Get Help from Highly Trained Growing Experts


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We’re available for questions and advice in store. Find our hours of operation in the table below. Call us if you have any questions.

Telephone: +1 (905) 563-6121

5386 Greenlane Rd.
Beamsville, ON
L0R 1B3

Tuesday – Friday: Open Noon – 5pm | Saturday: Noon – 4pm | Sunday – Monday: Closed

Hometown Hydroponics is Beamsvilles Best Grow Shop!